The Back Nine is Going on Tour!


If you or someone you know would like to participate in The Back Nine review tour, please contact Bliss Book Promotions. What does it mean to participate in a review tour? Number one you get to read The Back Nine for free. In exchange for the book you post an honest review on your blog and also to Amazon and other online retailers if you are inclined to so. The more reviews a book has the better exposure it will receive and the more people are likely to read it.

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Monday Motivation: What Inspires Me?


I came up with the story for The Back Nine based upon the idea of taking a mundane task and making it erotic. I could immediately visualize Brooke and Alec on the golf course and what happens between the two of them. I’m currently working on the sequel and with this story readers will see Alec and Brooke as secondary characters. The setting is the same at a luxurious golf resort in Cozumel, but the two main characters are different. How did their story come to be?

My mind is always racing with ideas and I imagined these two characters landing in Cozumel and the back story that drove them to this destination. Then I thought about the conflict that would push this story forward and I jotted down the synopsis and different things that would take place in each chapter. I’m currently at the end of Chapter Two. I’ve set a pretty high goal for myself with this particular book. I’ll let you know if I make it.

In other news, tomorrow is release day for The Back Nine! It is available for a 10% discount until April 21st.

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Cover Reveal Party for The Back Nine

The big day is finally here for the Cover Reveal of The Back Nine. The final sliver has been revealed and you can feast your eyes on Alec and Brooke. What do you think?



A lot can happen on the back nine of a golf course, especially if your focus is not on the ball. Alec Marino has been building his clientele list in Cozumel’s most exclusive golf resorts while keeping his private life confidential.

Brooke Carmichael’s life revolves around one thing: her career. Her bed is like a permanent sand trap—depressing and empty. When a business trip leads Brooke to the sunny island where she is ready and willing to learn something new, she decides to take a swing at golf. Some temptations are too delicious to resist and one stroke from Alec sends Brooke’s entire world into a backspin.

Blinded by desire, Alec goes against his own rules and makes Brooke and offer she can’t refuse. As secrets begin to surface, Alec and Brooke must decide if they will let it drive them apart or if mixing work and pleasure will score a hole in one.

The Back Nine is currently available for pre-order and will be released to your eReader on April 14th!

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Grab a glass of champagne and let’s sit back and enjoy the view!


Please drop by and have a drink with one of these lovely ladies that are helping with the big cover reveal for The Back Nine:

Allie Burrow

Lynsey James

Holly Martin

Katie Oliver

Roe Valentine

Molly Ann Wishlade

Thanks for coming to my party, feel free to stay and mingle. Soon, I will post a story excerpt from The Back Nine.